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Kid Care Afterschool: PROGRAM 2020-21

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Arlington Recreation Dept. is proud to offer this licensed, extended-day program for children in Grades K – 5. The program is held at the Gibbs School, 41 Foster Street.  We currently accept students from Thompson, Hardy, Dallin and Brackett.  Transportation is provided from these schools and included in the tuition.

Arlington Kid Care, which is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care, follows the Arlington Public School calendar with the following exceptions: it is not open when school closes at mid-day for a vacation period or closes early because of bad weather. Early release days are included as long as you are registered for the respective day.

Registration Tip: Grades automatically roll up 6/1/20.  If registering an incoming Kindergartener before 6/1/20 - the grade should be "PK".  Also, if your child's grade is incorrect or listed as "N/A", please contact Arlington Recreation to update.

Registration Info Covid-19
  • Online registration is currently "on hold". Registration will re-open once school calendar has been announced.
  • Registration fee for the program and/or waitlist is $50 (non-refundable). Typically, the first month's tuition for September is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable. However, to adjust for the impact of coronavirus, we have delayed billing. We ask that families give careful consideration to their registration and only register for what they truly need. Regular drop/cancellation fees will apply even though first month's (non-refundable) tuition payment is delayed - you are financially responsible for all days that you select at the time of registration.

General Information
  • The program is located at the Gibbs School. Children will have time for playing sports and games, music and drama, weekly science experiments, arts and crafts, homework, and a caring staff.
  • Students will also have electives to choose from throughout the year.
  • We currently accept students (K-5) from Brackett, Dallin, Hardy and Thompson. Transportation is provided from these schools.
  • We offer 2 - 5 day per week options. (There is a 2-day minimum.)
  • The program begins the first day of the school year and is not in session when Arlington Public Schools are closed. We operate from the end of the school day (including early release days) until 6 pm.
  • Students from all grades will do some activities together.
  • Registration is for the entire year.

Payment and Fees
1. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $50. See link below. (The enrollment fee is required to be added to a waitlist.)

2. The tuition payment is broken down evenly for 10 monthly payments:

$245/month for 2 Days
$353/month for 3 Days
$460/month for 4 Days
$562/month for 5 Days

3. The first month's tuition for September will be automatically charged on 6/15/20 (or at time of registration if registering after that date) and is non-refundable.

4. Please note, there is a $100 drop fee for each day dropped prior to November 2020. (For example, if you register for 5 days a week, but drop Mondays and Tuesdays before November, you will be assessed a $200 fee.) You may drop day(s) starting for November without a penalty if the request is submitted before the 15th of the prior month. We will start accepting drop requests beginning in November as long as the request has been submitted before 10/15/2020.

5. There is no penalty to SWITCH days if a more desirable day is available.

6. Monthly payments are through automatic credit card payment only. Monthly billing occurs on or after the 15th of the prior month.

7. Tuition and fees charged are non-refundable.

How Do I Sign Up?
  • If you do not already have a household account with Arlington Recreation, please create one and include your information and your child's information.
  • Sign up for the Kid Care Afterschool: ENROLLMENT FEE 2020-21 and pay the one-time $50 registration fee per child. The fee is non-refundable. See Kid Care Afterschool: ENROLLMENT FEE 2020-21 link below.
  • Next, follow the steps to register for the Kid Care Afterschool Program on this page. You may chose 2-5 days and you must register for all months.
  • Complete the Automatic Monthly Credit Card Payment Form (see below) and email it to If you prefer, you may call in the information to the Arlington Recreation Department at 781-316-3880. Automatic Payment Forms or information must be submitted at time of registration to confirm registration for 2020-21 school year.

What is the Billing Process?
All Kid Care Families are REQUIRED to have a credit card on file for automatic monthly billing when the registration is submitted (see FORM below). Tuition is broken down evenly into 10 payments. The first payment, due 6/15/20 or at the time of registration, is for the first month (September). Payments are automatically withdrawn on or after the 15th of the prior month. Dropping days prior to November will result in a $100 per day dropped penalty. After that, starting for November, changes or withdrawals need to be submitted to by the 15th of the prior month.


  • Registration will be considered "complete" ONLY when you have paid your enrollment fee, selected the days your child will attend and submitted your Automatic Credit Card Payment Form (see link below). INCOMPLETE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.
  • To check availability before you register and pay the $50 enrollment fee, click on "view seats" at the bottom right of this page. (Registration is for the year, so you only need to check the first month listed.¬† For example, to check if space is available on Tuesdays, check the "seats available" count for any Tuesday in the first month listed.)

Waitlist Information
If your child is already registered for at least 2 days (our minimum) for the 2020-21 program, but need more days, please register for the ADDITIONAL DAYS Waitlist. See link at bottom of this page. There is no fee.

If your child is not registered for ANY days for the 2020-21 program, please register for the New Student Waitlist, you will need to first pay the Enrollment Fee. See Enrollment Fee link at the bottom. After you have paid the enrollment fee, you can register for the waitlist. Please review program details and policies first.

Please note, we encourage you to add your child's name to the waitlists (for Additional Days or as a New Student). We often have movement on the list prior to the start of school in September and into the fall. We always contact you for approval if space becomes available for a day you requested.
There is no penalty to switch days if a more desirable day becomes available (only to drop days).

  • For program questions or to arrange a visit, please contact the Afterschool Director, Erika Roberts, at 413-370-2476 (text messages preferred) or
  • For registration/billing questions, or to change your child's registration, please contact Linda at the Recreation Department at 781-316-3883 (
  • For the Arlington Recreation Department please call 781-316-3880 .

* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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