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News: Robbins Farm Park: Slide Closed

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The Robbins Farm Slides will be closed indefinitely. As you can see from the pictures, both bottom portions of the slides were broken recently which is the worst case scenario. The manufacturer of these slides no longer makes this model slide and replacement parts are non-existent. Knowing this was a possibility, our plan was to use the parts from one of the slides to repair the other slide. However, because this is both bottom pieces this is not an option.
The slides are closed and temporary measures have been made to restrict usage. Please do not remove the construction fence to gain access to the stairs. The Robbins Farm Playground, including the hill slides, has CPA support for funding in FY 23. Pending a successful vote of funding at the annual Town Meeting the Park and Recreation Commission will begin design on the new playground and slides this fall with construction in the spring of 2023.