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News: Kid Care Afterschool: Tips & Instructions

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How to register:

  1. Log into your household account.  If you don't already have a household account with Arlington Recreation, please create one and include your information and your child's information.
  2. Sign up for the Kid Care Afterschool: ENROLLMENT FEE 2023-24 and pay the one-time, non-refundable $50 fee per child.
  3. Register for the Kid Care Afterschool: PROGRAM 2023-24.  You may chose 2-5 days and you must register for all months.
  4. If you were not able to register for all of the days you need, register your child for the Waitlist.
  5. If you did not enter your credit card for automatic billing during the registration process, please submit the information over the phone (781-316-3880) or the AUTOMATIC PAYMENT FORM.

Tips - prior to registration...
  • Grades automatically roll up on on 6/1/23.  If you are registering an incoming kindergartener before 6/1/23 - the grade should be "PK".  Also, if you child's grade is incorrect or listed as "N/A", please contact Arlington Rec to update.
  • Pay the Enrollment fee in advance.  Registration for the enrollment fee will be open late March and you can save time by completing this step before the program registration opens (April 3 for Returning families and April 24 for new families).

Tips - during registration process...

  • Check space availability before you register by clicking on "VIEW SEATS" at the bottom of the program page to view space available for each day.
  • Have your credit card available. 
  • If time is of the essence when you are registering, you can opt to send in your credit card information for future payments instead of entering the information.  If you need to register for the waitlist for additional days, you can finish checking out your program registration and then go back in to select your waitlist days.

Tip - after registration is complete...
  • Check your receipt!  If you register during the initial high traffic times, you may not have registered for all of the days you intended to.  While you may have been able to register for the program (2-day, 3-day, 4-day, 5-day) - be sure that your receipt lists all of the weekdays you desired.  Please email if you experience this problem.