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Cancellation Policy: Programs

Cancel a Program/Activity:
To cancel a program, please contact Arlington Recreation by phone (781-316-3880) or email ( at least two weeks prior to start date for Spring/Summer programs or at least one week prior to start date for Fall/Winter Programs. (Cancellations requested outside of these parameters are not eligible for household credits or refunds.)

You can chose to receive a household credit for the FULL amount or, if you paid by credit card, a refund MINUS a $25 fee per program cancelled per child. Please provide the participants full name, the complete name of the program and if you would prefer a full household credit or a credit card refund with cancellation fees. 

**Please see individual programs for cancellation policies for Kid Care Afterschool and Kid Care Preschool***

Low Enrollment Cancellation:
Arlington Recreation reserves the right to cancel or postpone a program due to low enrollment. If the program is cancelled due to low enrollment, a refund to the method of payment will be issued.

Inclement Weather Cancellation:
If a multi-session program must be cancelled due to inclement weather (field or school closure) or other unforeseen circumstances, we will make every effort to reschedule the program. If a program cannot be rescheduled, a household credit will be issued for the canceled class. Families are encouraged to sign up for weekday field closures (below). The Department of Public Works makes the decision regarding field closures during the week.  (Please check with your user group on the weekends.) 
Arlington Recreation programs are cancelled if the fields are closed.

For Field, Picnic or Special Event Cancellations.....