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Cancellation Policy: Fields, Picnics, Special Events

For Field Users: 
For cancellations due to inclement weather (ONLY), Arlington Recreation will make a concerted effort to find available space.  If additional space is not available, account will be issued a credit for future use. No refunds.

For Picnic and Special Event permits
Except for weather-related cancellations, we ask that you contact the Recreation Department (781-316-3880) at least 2 weeks before your event if you need to cancel.  A household credit will be issued for all cancellations.  Requests for household credit for weather-related cancellations must be made within one week of event.

Reservations for Reservoir Beach Pavilion - OFF-SEASON GATHERINGS are covered under this policy.  See below for cancellations for Reservoir Beach Pavilion - SUMMER GATHERINGS.

Families are encouraged to sign up for weekday field closures (below). The Department of Public Works makes the decision regarding field closures during the week (Please check with your user group on the weekends.)